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Videos from Dr. Judy Kuriansky

We were very fortunate to meet Dr. Judy Kuriansky, a professor at Columbia University and the Chair of Psychology Coalition of NGOs at the United Nations, at last month's Out of the Shadows conference. Dr. Judy shared two of her videos with us, both of which are powerful, informative, and give an valuable and unique perspective on the issues surrounding global mental health. The videos are posted here, along with descriptions by Dr. Judy. Give them a watch!

Shocking statistics show that of the reported 1.8 billion youth worldwide, 240 million will experience a mental health condition! Fortunately, the new UN Global Agenda for 2015-2030 includes the target to "promote mental health and wellbeing," that can support policy, prevention and programs. In this video, youth courageously share their stories about mental health challenges, and United Nations Ambassadors describe their commitment to youth mental health. The video also shows the event for UN International Youth Day celebrating mental health (#MentalHealthMatters), and the successful advocacy for the global agenda led by Ambassador Otto of the Mission of Palau to the UN, and Dr. Judy on behalf of the Psychology Coalition of NGOs accredited at the UN. Advice from Ambassadors is inspiring. Shorter versions are posted.

The Ebola epidemic caused death and desolation throughout West Africa and the world.  The emotional trauma is extensive and needs to be highlighted and tended to, as was evident to me (Dr. Judy) during my mission to provide psychosocial support during the epidemic, and then returning afterwards. The issues are also in Dr. Judy's new book:

The video is in honor of all those who are survivors and those who care and love them.

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